PAST workshop

The Sounding Body: Mouth to the Sea

Tatyana Tenenbaum

6:30pm – 8:30pm
Wednesdays, September 11, 2019
Movement Research

150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

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What is this voice, and how does it shift my relationship to my body? We will use our voices to unlock our breath body; and our bodies to unlock our voices. A circle. How can this continuous flow of information facilitate knowing, remembering and enacting? We will situate our selves in relationship to the past, present and future. We will invite our full histories into the room with us to join our sounding. I will facilitate simple exercises steeped in glorious vibration. The research I will share has been influenced by the work and practices of Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Nancy Stark Smith, Daria Faïn, Jennifer Monson, Urban Bush Women, Emily Johnson, Emilie Conrad, and many others. Some exercises will incorporate touch. We will move these exercises into fine-tuned collective musical scores, making room for doubt, convergence and interrogation along the way. Take your time. This work is accessible to all entries/experience levels.

Pricing structure for Sounding Body Workshop series:

$180 for entire Wednesday series
$65 per three-week Wednesday night series with one artist
$30 for single Wednesday class drop-in
$40 for Saturday session with one artist



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