Cover photo from π= 3.14.. NOTHINg, or EVERYTHINg - With dry tech endless peripheral border - Fukushima - Kabul - Amman - Ramallah - Berlin by Yoshiko Chuma & The School of Hard Knocks

3:00pm – 6:00pm
May 18, 2019
Movement Research

150 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009

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A free panel in partnership with La Mama Moves Festival, hosted by Movement Research:

A Panel Symposium with long-table discussions over two days. The Panel Symposium includes conversations between Yoshiko Chuma (New York/Berlin/Japan), Adham Hafez (NYC/Berlin/Cairo) and dance artists from around the world. Secret Journey: “Stop Calling Them Dangerous" includes discussions that examine stories about oppression, marginalization, prejudice and profiling.

La MaMa’s The Panel Symposium will enable artists to explore their ideas and translate them into a theatrical language that can communicate to diverse artists and members of the dance community. It is also a place where emerging artists learn from established artists and where artists from around the globe share work and ideas. To avoid the discussions from being overly prepared we will be introducing a simple and engaging structure for the panel wherein we will allow space for connection and honesty. In each panel discussion, an audience will have to suggest a topic for discussion. This way we will guarantee that the discussion is fresh.

Learn more about how this event folds into the La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival here.

View =3.14… continues “Dead End, Falling” on Vimeo here.

The Panel Symposium is a part of the Move to Heal/Action to Heal series, with support from the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation.

May 18th Panelists:
Yoshiko Chuma - Moderator
Jimena Paz (Argentina) - Panelist
Vanessa Vargas (Venezuela) - Panelist
Adham Hafez - Moderator
Jean Carla Rodea (México) - Long Table Panelist
Pablo Muñoz (Uruguay) - Long Table Panelist
Ernesto Ortiz Leyva (México) - Long Table Panelist

May 19th Panelists:
Yoshiko Chuma - Moderator
Luis Lara Malvacias (Venezuela) - Panelist
Arantxa Araujo (México) - Panelist
Adham Hafez - Moderator
Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera (Cuba) - Long Table Panelist
Ana Maria Farina (Brazil) - Long Table Panelist
Sofia Gutierrez Losada (Colombia) - Long Table Panelist

This event is part of Movement Research's Move to Heal/Action to Heal programming.

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