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PAST class

[email protected] – Improvisation

K.J. Holmes

1:00pm – 2:30pm
January 25, 2019
[email protected] – Improvisation

11 West 53rd Street New York, NY 10019

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This class explores the articulation of anatomical structures, emphasizing the physics at play in relation to location, self, and others. We will conduct research of anatomy and physiology to better understand the mechanics, sources, and poetics of dancing. We will discover, explore, separate, integrate, and improvise with systems and patterns, making visible physiological rhythms of support and creativity, and amplifying and becoming more tuned to the subtleties of touch, direction, and intention. Through exposing contradictions in the body and engaging with our imaginations, we will widen choice, create discernment, and practice embodiment and intuitive composition.

Register and learn more about this event on MoMA's website here.

This event will take place at The Museum of Modern Art, in conjunction with Judson Dance Theater: The Work Is Never Done. Click here for more information regarding the exhibition at MoMA.

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