Photo by Woongchul An

Yanghee Lee

Yanghee Lee proposes the concept and logic of "choreography' through various media such as performance, video, installation, and text and contemplates the language of performing arts. As a dancer who majored in Korean traditional dance, she newly recognizes the realm of traditional dance by asking questions about the form, characteristics, and intangible archetypes of dance. As someone who specializes in Korean dance and has harbored questions about the rigidity associated with traditional dance, Yanghee Lee possesses a subjective experience with deviating from the controlling order and gravitating toward off-center underground cultures, whether it is the electronic music and dancing of the club scene, rave parties, or techno culture in the 1990s. By making traditional dance and club dance a unique identity and history, her works question the attributes and attitudes of the act of dancing. Lee received her Bachelor’s Degree in Korean Traditional Dance and her MA in Dance Education at New York University. She was the Fresh Tracks Artist of New York Live Arts and the Movement Research Artist-in-Residence. Lee was also a recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Fellow, Arts Council Korea grant, and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture grant. She has performed in the U.S., including at BAM Fisher, New York Live Arts, Kitchen, La MaMa, Judson Church, Center for Performance Research, Dixon Place, Watermill Center, etc. as well as The National Gugak Center, Arko Arts Theater in Korea. Lee's representative works include TWIG, MASS, A Hedonist, Hail, Gesamtkunstwerk, Dusk, and Unlearn.

[Image Description: Black and white photo of Yanghee Lee. She is smiling and looking off to the distance. She rests her head on her hand and rests both arms on her knees in a crouched position.]

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