Photo by Friday Anderson @fridayisfunky

x (they/ze/fae) is a TRANSdisciplinary artist who offers a conceptual and anti-approach to movement-driven performance. x has shared short films, installations, and dance works in Budapest, HU; Detroit, MI; Ithaca, NY; and NYC. Selected accomplishments include: AXIS Choreo-Lab Fellow (Joyce Theater, Mellon Foundation), GALLIM Moving Artist Residency, Bronx Cultural Visions Fund (Bronx Council on the Arts), City Artist Corps grant, LiftOff Residency (New Dance Alliance), Fellowship with The Performance Project @ University Settlement; Disability. Dance. Artistry. Dance. Residency Program (Dance/NYC, Gibney). x has taught with freeskewl and at Mark Morris Dance Center. Fae was also one of the guest-curators for the 2022 Dance/NYC Symposium. Their first evening length solo show, high functioning x.0, is premiering August 20th-21st, 2022 at HERE as part of their Sublet:Co-Op series.

[Image Description: x, a light skinned Afro-Asian agender person sits on a park bench. Their head is tilted to one side, leaning on 2 fingers. Their afro hair is short cropped with red, orange and dark pink. Fae has several tattoos, most notably “crybaby” text with barbed wire on faer stomach. They don a purple halter top and a chunky silver chain around their neck. The trees and foliage of the park are saturated and blurred behind x.]