Ursula Eagly. Image provided by the artist.

Ursula Eagly

Ursula Eagly has been working in New York City's experimental dance community since 2000 and has been a part of Movement Research as an artist-in-residence, an editor, a writer, and a staff member. Ursula's works are characterized by a “rabbit-hole logic” New York Times), and her research considers the potential of porosity. She is deeply invested in exploring different artistic contexts has created sustained projects and collaborations in the Balkans, East Asia, and Mexico. Ursula recently premiered a piece for psychosocial motor systems at Danspace Project, and her previous project, an iterative work performed in multiple mediums, is still available as a vinyl LP from The Chocolate Factory. More details at www.ursulaeagly.org

Past Classes & Events

Fall Festival | artist4artistXartist

November 30, 2018

Movement Research Artists-in-Residence at the Center for Performance Research

March 21, 2017

Movement Research at the Judson Church

January 09, 2017

Does the Dance Field Make Room for Parenting?

October 11, 2016