Photo by Zack DeZon

Tracy Einstein

Tracy is a multi-disciplinary performing/teaching artist, and associate Faculty of Alexander Technique & Movement at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She studied dance, physics, philosophy and classics at Columbia University, and then the Alexander Technique at the Balance Arts Center (Amsat Certified, A. Rodiger). She has performed dance works by Paul Taylor (stged, Linda Kent), Ernesta Corvino, Jill Johnson, Brian Brooks, Sidra Bell, and more. She had the honor of choreographing & movement directing the brilliant children of the Hunts Point Children’s Shakespeare Ensemble for two years, through the Public Shakespeare Initiative. She is also a founding member of Clown Gym, with whom she’s performed solo, duo, and quadrupled at The PIT NYC. Learn more at &

Past Classes & Events

Alexander Technique

March 27, 2019

[SUB] Alexander Technique

December 19, 2018