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stevie may

stevie may is a movement and sound artist, freelance arts administrator, and knitwear maker who is coming out of summer hibernation in preparation for an active winter. In addition to continuing to develop "Winter of Your Dreams" and related pieces, she is thrilled to be performing this winter/spring in the work of devynn emory, Lucie Vítková, and the OPERA Ensemble. She has two queer/femme punk rock bands in the works and will hopefully be playing shows in the area soon. stevie has just launched a new experimental class called "physical earth" which draws from directly observing processes of the natural world and guiding somatic explorations based on each individual's findings. Kind of like an embodied witchcraft practice for scientists, or an embodied science practice for witches. Anyway it should be fun you should come by! Oh, and join the D.A.N.C. effort to form a freelance dancers' union! Gratitude to all fellow trans artists out there, and all of our trans ancestors.

Festival Fall 2019

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Fall Festival | Evening at Danspace

December 05, 2019