Photo by Rita Minissi, in collaboration for her Cocoon Series

Sigrid Lauren

Sigrid Lauren (b. 1986, Baltimore USA) is a New York based artist. Her practice is not subject to one identity or appearance; she is dancer, composer, choreographer, movement educator, director. In her compositions and expositions, Sigrid seeks new modes of being, seeing, connecting and receiving, specifically in response to consumerism, mental illness and alienation. She abjects technique and socially conditioned gestures, plays with pop connotations only to destroy and awaken these forms to a new Self. Through exploring control in the body, subliminal and overt, Sigrid asks viewers what the body's role is when it is no longer an object, tool, or target. She is one half of the performance art duo FlucT with Monica Mirabile and Co-Founder of Otion Front Studio, a performance and rehearsal space in Brooklyn, NY.

Her & FlucT's work have been performed and exhibited at the Broad Museum (Los Angeles, CA), Miami Art Basel, Material Art Fair, SIGNAL (Brooklyn, NY), Guggenheim NY, Andrea Rosen Gallery, the Ministry of Sound, amongst others. She is a certified Yoga Instructor researching alternative somatic experiences, philosophies, and practices motivated to re-sensitize the individual to our interconnectivity and ecstatic life force. She offers her movement practice virtually Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10am EDT on zoom (link in her instagram bio @fluct_sigrid).