By Tracey Tomtene

Sandy Harry Ceesay

Sandy Harry Ceesay (b. 1995) is a dancer, performances artist and writer based in Sweden. Their artistic practice borders poetic expressions across mediums, creating a coherent string of works ranging from text to performance. Since their graduation from Amsterdam Univeristy of the Arts, where they received their BA in modern dance, Ceesay have been exploring potentialities of literature and dance, debuting with their first novel (Albert Bonniers) Exile of love in may, 2022.As a dancer Ceesay has worked with choreographers such as Connor Schumacher (NL), Liat Waysbort (NL), Marco D’Agostin (IT), Marie Chouinard (CA), Xavier Le Roy (FR) amongst others. Their oeuvre strongly relates to their belief in the sensorial body. They have an affinity for sensorial imagery and the way that it is translated to the viewer. In august 2022, Ceesay received a grant from the region of their native province, Östergötland, to work on their second novel.

[Image Description: The artists hangs from a rope attached to a rock wall. They hold on to the rope by their hands while their body fold over into a back bend, head nearly scraping the ground]

Fall 2022 [email protected] Artist

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