Photo by By Youssef Atwan.

Salma AbdelSalam

Salma AbdelSalam (she/her) holds an MA in Sociology from the American University in Cairo and is a graduate of the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center’s professional dance program. In 2015 Salma completed her MA in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch and worked as an arts administrator at ArteEast, while interning at Movement Research in New York. In 2016, Salma received the danceWEB scholarship to attend ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna, Austria, and upon her return to Cairo, she co-founded nasa4nasa, an independent dance collective. nasa4nasa received the Mophradat consortium in 2017 for the production of their first performance, SUASH. Their debut performance SUASH premiered in BUDA’s Next Festival and later in MDT’s Fine Selection Confirmed in Stockholm. In 2019 SUASH premiered in Cairo in the Maadi Sports Club’s squash court. In July 2019 nasa4nasa performed SUASH in ImPulsTanz as part of the [8:tension] Young Choreographer Series. Aside from her work as a choreographer and performer, Salma teaches Performance Studies and Dance Theory at the American University in Cairo and the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center. She also teaches various movement and dance courses across Egypt, titled Movement Labs, that weave in her interest in performance theory and dance.

Her Movement Labs span different terrains around Egypt: desert, valleys, mountains, sea, and dance studios. She is a certified and practicing Barre instructor from the IBBFA and is studying to become a Feldenkrais practitioner. Currently, Salma is working on her first book project about the life of Egyptian Dancer Farida Fahmy. Salma performed with choreographers such as Benoit LaChambre, Tino Sehgal, Yoshiko Chuma, Karima Mansour, Mirette Michel MohamedShafik, and Adham Hafez. Her writing has been published by Ibraaz, Mada Masr, and ICI Paris.

About nasa4nasa Dance Collective
nasa4nasa is a dance collective based in Cairo co-founded by dancers Noura Seif Hassanein and Salma Abdel Salam in October 2016. Their debut performance SUASH premiered in November 2018 with the support of Mophradat's Consortium Fund in Next Festival (Belgium) and MDT's and Fine Selection Confirmed (Stockholm). In April 2019, SUASH premiered on the squash court in Cairo. In July 2019, SUASH was performed in ImPulsTanz in Vienna as part of the [8:tension] Young Choreographer Series and Festival de Marseille in June 2021. nasa4nasa performed Still Life at Fey Festival 2019, Bourgogne. In February 2019, the duo performed their work "End of Times" as well as exhibiting a series of images ``untitled" as part of the group exhibition "Codes of Coupling" curated by Mahmoud Khaled at Gypsum Gallery (Cairo). In April 2020, nasa4nasa participated in the Gwangju Biennale with their commissioned work "Promises b2b" as part of the Live Organs online commission. In June 2021, nasa4nasa, commissioned by The Place, worked with the final year undergrad students on their graduating performance "Jete out of the Window. '' In 2020, nasa4nasa was awarded the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) grant, with which they produced and premiered their latest evening-length work, "No Mercy," in Cairo in March 2022.

  • nasa4nasa uses static imagery to research notions of form, aesthetics, and value.
  • nasa4nasa uses chance, and repetition to examine failure, affect, vanity, boredom.
  • nasa4nasa seeks to foreshadow alternative spaces as occupied stages
  • nasa4nasa is housed in social media, to actively interact with and sometimes interject with daily virtual mass consumption.
  • nasa4nasa can be taken lightly or seriously, it is meant to do both.
  • nasa4nasa fucks with dance.

[Image Description: A photograph of Salma looking directly into the camera. She has brown skin and light brown voluminous wavy hair. She is wearing hoop earrings and a black jacket. In the background there are large rock formations and a green waters.]

Fall 2022 [email protected] Artist

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