Photo courtesy of the artist

​Saghar Hosseinpour

Saghar Hosseinpour (Iran) was born in Tehran on January 7, 1986. She was about 19 when she began to dance in a very amateur experimental way while she was studying economics at the university. The possibility to travel and working with several artists in the form of workshops, residencies and research along with the experience of living in a multi layered society full of barriers are factors around her area of interest that led her to oppose and ask questions about the act of Dancing. Soon after she started a practice based research project to define her own proposal about it, that has continued to this day and parts of it have been shared with the audience in the form of performance too. Her field of practice and research is somewhere in-between Dance and Urban Architecture. She proposes making an unpredictable physical situation by functionality of momentary confrontation as a way to emerge dance simultaneously for the dancer and for the spectator. This also makes her eager to manipulate the imagined and built public spaces and design a new space for passing bodies. These days she is involved with the concept of ‘’space’’ even deeper and continues her work with questions such as: How does motion produce space? Is it possible to create space while playing? Instead of imagining a space to play, then create it?

Past Classes & Events

[Virtual] Festival | GPS Chats: Close Encounters of a Dance Kind (Croatia/Iran/USA)

November 24, 2020