RoseAnne Spradlin

RoseAnne Spradlin, NYC-based choreographer, is interested in body consciousness and presence of the performer. She has taught in London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, Tinos, Greece, Amherst, Berkeley, etc. Spradlin has received a “Bessie,” Guggenheim Fellowship, Lambent and FCA Awards, among others, and in 2014 was named a US Artist Ford Fellow in Dance. She served as first Director (2015-16) of the MFA program in Choreography and Visual Art at Wilson College in PA; she is the Randjelovic/Stryker Resident Commissioned Artist at New York Live Arts for 2017-18.

Past Classes & Events

MELT - Deepening Technique, Explorations in Body-Mind Centering®

Jul 31 – Aug 4, 2017

MELT—Deepening Technique, Explorations in Body-Mind Centering®

Aug 1 – Aug 5, 2016