Queer Scouts

Queer Scouts is a queer scout troupe and performance-art project that takes up the histories and praxes of the Boy and Girl Scouts, and explores questions around personal development and social transformation through a creative, critical, and collective practice. Scouting (of the Boy and Girl tradition) has always been a citizenship project—a way to fold young people into public life, and to engender in them a sense of self-in-the-world. Queer Scouts, too, constitutes a civic performance, inscribing queerness into the organization of public life across multiple dimensions, growing out of traditions of both social practice performance and queer activism — imagine Mierle Laderman Ukeles-meets-Lesbian Avengers. We build from the visionary work of folks like José Muñoz, Grace Lee Boggs, Andrea Smith, Ree Morton and RuPaul.

Developed through a 2015-2016 performance fellowship with the Queer Arts Mentorship program, and a space grant with Dixon Place, Queer Scouts presented their first performance at the Leslie Lohman Museum for Gay and Lesbian Art’s Prince Street Project Space in November 2016, activating a Queer Scout Headquarters as a site for performances, demos, scout meetings, and scout archive.

Past Classes & Events

Studies Project: Precarious Collaboration and Equitable Conflict

May 09, 2017