Panoply Performance Laboratory

is a collective and space formed by Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle, is unbounded by discipline or field, we collect ourselves around processes, theorizing social systems, ideological structures, modes of production, and epistemic genealogies via actions, relational constructs, images, noise, text, interactions, and objects. Past projects have included a durational diner, a silviculture museum, full-length operas, workshops, dances, solo and duo actions, conferences, concerts, gallery exhibitions, and large-scale collaborative works of constructional institutional critique. PPL’s engagements have included residencies like LMCC’s Swing Space, LPAC, University Settlement, incubation at IRT, chashama, Gruntaler9 (Berlin) and engagements with organizations across social spheres.  Projects have been hosted by Glasshouse, Grace Exhibition Space, The Brick Theater, the cell, Dixon Place, Silent Barn, IV Soldiers, English Kills, AUNTS, Casita Maria, Bronx Arts Space, ABC No Rio, and Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics (to name a few in NYC) and Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery (Chicago), Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, University of Kentucky, Ohio State, LA GALERIA at Villa Victoria (Boston), The Lemp (St. Louis), 119 Gallery (Lowell, MA), Charlotte Street’s La Esquina Gallery (Kansas City), ACUD, KuLe Theater, and BLO Atelier (Berlin), The Pumpehuset (Copenhagen), and many festivals, fairs, public sites, and other contexts. PPL the project space and in Bushwick, hosts interdisciplinary performance practices and projects. Our current dance-opera, Any Size Mirror is a Dictator,made in collaboration with Lindsey Drury and many other performance-makers will culminate September 5-October 19 at Momenta Art.