Photo by Stuart Shugg

Pablo Muñoz Ponzo

I work to problematize dancing bodies as a social practice, in order to generate seductive flows of thought in motion.

I have studied modern and contemporary dance since 2003 in Uruguay, and also in Brasil, Argentina, United States, and France. As a dance creator, I have designed and managed several dance pieces mainly in collaboration with artists from the Uruguayan dance community and beyond, such as Iris Mouret, Ximena Castillo, Annick Maucouvert, Marcelo Marascio, Claudia Pisani, Catalina Chouhy Marcos Ramírez, Sofía Lans, Juan Miguel Ibarlucea, Mariana Porciúncula, Federico Lucas, Pedro Plavan, Guillermo Tarasewicz, Manuela Casanova, Francis Torena, Julian Phillips and Stuart Shugg. I was granted the Justino Zavala Muniz fellowship for dance creation (2014-15) from the Ministry of Culture of Uruguay, which allowed me to come to New York. In NYC I have participated in Landing 2.0 coordinated by Miguel Gutierrez and in the Futures Initiatives’ course “Public School: Art in the city” at the CUNY Graduate Center (GC), assembled by Paul Ramirez Jonas and Claire Bishop. In April 2019 I was part of E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency at Earthdance.

I am a visual communication designer graduated from Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo, Universidad de la República, Uruguay, where I am an assistant teacher and researcher. The University published my thesis focused on dance notations systems as case studies of visual communication design, advised by Mónica Farkas in 2016. In May 2019 I graduated from the MA in Liberal Studies at the CUNY GC with a thesis entitled: “Dance of Exile. The Sakharoffs’ Visual Performances in Montevideo (1935-1948)”, advised by Edward D. Miller. I am currently an archive intern at Movement research supported by CUNY GC Dean’s University Fellowship.




Past Classes & Events

FREE PANEL | Secret Journey: Stop Calling Them Dangerous #2

May 18 – May 19, 2019