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Nicole Soto-Rodríguez

Nicole Soto-Rodríguez is a movement and visual artist born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Formally trained in Classical Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance, after finishing her training as a dancer she decided to explore other arenas outside of the performing arts. Her visual work is focused on the exploration and the possibilities of movement in relation to space. She generates patterns of movement within specific spaces that are captured and shared in video format.

Her interests as a social researcher are in imagined identities related to colonialism and globalization, examining the construction of social discourses and the signifiers and meanings found in contemporary Latin-American art. She holds a Masters Degree in Puerto Rican and Caribbean Studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Social Cultural Anthropology.

Festival Fall 2019

Past Classes & Events

Fall Festival | The art of healing: Screening and discussion on embodied practices for self and social healing

December 04, 2019