Michael W

Michael W. has been a Company Member at Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts in Minneapolis, MN since 2011. When asked why Michael decided to pursue work as an actor, Michael answered, “Well, because I love it. Theater allows me to reach within myself and activate aspects of my personality that I don’t normally tap into in my regular life.” Since joining the company in 2011, Michael proves himself as a dedicated and compelling performer in a multitude of roles in shows such as Joy, What Fools These Mortals Be, and Plotholes: A Fool’s Foibles. As successful as Michael is as a soloist, he says that his work as an artist is not just about him as a performer. “It’s like when people are growing up, people ask them what are they going to do with their life that benefits not just them but their community and make life better? I like to think doing this [theater] is contributing to bettering society. I like to think it benefits myself and others.”