Martin Lanz Landazuri

Martín Lanz Landázuri (Mexico) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Mexico City. He usually creates work for specific sites, bringing together ensembles of interdisciplinary artists, with the goal to integrate sound, movement, architecture, science and audience experience. Martín also collaborates, generating international exchange projects with different collectives, projects or organizations, focusing on mobility, geopolitics and creative process. Currently he is teaching at the National Center for Arts in Mexico City. Martín’s work is supported by the National Fund for Arts and Culture in México (FONCA) to do an exchange between México, Brazil, Japan and the E.U. through Laboratorio: Condensación, a project co-lead with Arely Landeros.

Past Classes & Events

[Virtual] Festival | GPS Chats: International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (Mexico, North Macedonia, USA)

January 30, 2021