Francisco Fernádez


MarinaLaRivera is a collaborative, horizontal and interdisciplinary project created by Venezuelan artists Nela Cote (Málaga), Mariana Alviárez (Buenos Aires), and Vanessa Vargas (New York). After migrating, they decided to keep on working together as a political and geopolitical strategy, developing collaborative remote proposals across the Atlantic, connecting other art makers in the process, trying to break the conditions of imagination and creation on the dance practice, working on State|Nation dynamics, body encounters, and liminality in time and space. Since 2013, MarinaLaRivera has worked on different dance projects, including "Exoesqueleto" (2013) "Becoming (In)visible" (2015), and "Smoke" (2017), presenting these projects in Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Perú, and New York. In 2017, they received a residency at Espacio Belgrado in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

May 06, 2019