Photo by Mariah Busk

Mariah Busk

Mariah Busk (she/hers) is a performer and creator. She is happy to be caring for the Movement Research spaces where people are rehearsing, conversing, and sharing their practices. Prior to taking on the role of Operations Manager, she worked as a Production Intern at MR. She also dedicated her time in operations and production positions for Balance Arts Center and HERE Arts Center.

Mariah has worked with Sara Rudner, Kota Yamazaki, and Raja Feather Kelly. Her own performance work is influenced by musical theatre, contemporary and modern dance (Horton and Cunningham Techniques), along with studies in Epic Theatre (Bertolt Brecht) and Grotesque Dance (Valeska Gert).

She is grateful to her mentors, collaborators, and friends from Nova Southeastern University and Sarah Lawrence College for their support. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her girlfriend, cat, and dog.