Photo of Miu Soda and Maira Duarte

Photo by Nicole Touzien

Maira Duarte/Dance to the People​

Maira Duarte is a NYC based Mexican performer, choreographer, and educator. She directs Dance to the People, a collective that curates and organizes all donation-based choreographic projects, environmental dance research, performance parties, forums, and class series. Her work has been most recently shown at The Clemente Center, Movement Research at Judson Church, in NYC, and Performática, Cholula, in Mexico. She teaches dance on site and in public schools through Brooklyn Arts Exchange, and was a professor at the University of The Americas Puebla. She also performs with Alex Romania, Estado Flotante, and Justin Cabrillos. She’s received support by the Mexican Fund for Arts and Culture (2010), CUNY Dance Initiative (2014-16), and the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (2017). She is a contributor to Dancer Citizen and holds an M.A. in Dance Education from NYU.

Spring 2018 [email protected] Artist,

Studies Project Organizer

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

April 02, 2018