Painting by Ferdinand Hodler with edits by Rina Espiritu


UNDOING AND DOING is a collective of artists considering ways of intervening in the systems and institutions that define our work and our communities. We came together this summer to tie somatic work to discursive and social practices. We have been working in partnerships and small groups, as well as individually, to pursue projects that reflect the ways in which we seek to re-envision our work and our lives. We are using our platform to shift ourselves: from reflective studies and micro-behavioral shifts, to action-item-based projects, to grand plans that may take years to complete.

This collective came together through CIVIC REFLEX (the 2018 project of PERFORMANCY FORUM) a temporary collective/social art project/performance series substantiating and framing “civic” “civil” and “reflexive” performance practices and performative theoretics.

Lorene Bouboushian, of UNDOING AND DOING, is a 2017 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence. The collective’s work is being presented as a part of Bouboushian’s residency.

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

October 01, 2018