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Elisaveta Penkova

After her education at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm and P. A. R. T. S in Brussels Penkova's professional path starts at the Gothenburg Ballet Company. Shortly after she joins the Rosas Dance Company/ A-T De Keersmaeker in Brussels where she works as a dancer for the next ten years. Curious about the work of the freelance choreographers Penkova eventually starts working with Veli Lehtovaara FI/BE, Georgia Vardarou GR/BE, Helena Franzén SE, Human Works (NO/BE) and Michèle Noiret (BE). She becomes one of the original members and initiators of two Brussels based collectives "House of Bertha" and "PhD in One Night''. Her own work is research-based in the field of aesthetics, eastern philosophy and didactics. Since September 2019 she follows a master in contemporary dance didactics at DOCH University of the Arts in Stockholm.


Past Classes & Events

GPS Chats: Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska (Poland) and Elisaveta Penkova (Sweden)

December 03, 2019

Movement Research at the Judson Church

December 02, 2019