Li Cata

is a performer and dancer from Baltimore. Form is a significant consideration in his work: his messy pieces suggest a queering of form. Though he holds dance as his main practice, he is excited about exploring text, voice, experimental theater techniques, mise-en-scene, and other aspects of performance to deal with the elusive goal of making sense of being in the world. Li has performed at Baltimore's H&H Building, CopyCat Building, and the Baltimore Theater Project. In New York, he’s performed at the AUNTS, Judson Church, Panoply Performance Lab, Dixon Place, Lab Gallery, and Triskelion Arts. He’s currently working on solo stuff, a collabo with Amanda Hunt, and a project under choreographer-savant Mina Nishimura, as well as organizing a queer performance workshop series in June at the Bureau of General Services Queer Division.