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Lailye Weidman

Lailye Weidman is a choreographer and writer based in Massachusetts. Her recent projects include Showman Revisited, an homage to the resonance of hardcore music; Social Animal Please Tame Me (2016), an ensemble dance theater work investigating consent and consensus; birthing room (2015), a storytelling solo tracing sounds and textures of place and displacement; and Dike Dance (2014), a site-specific performance and community dialogue with scientists from National Seashore. She is part of Femmelab, a research and movement collective with Anna Hendricks and Julia Handshuch; and she collaborates with the Movement Party to produce Fleet Moves, an annual site-based dance festival on Cape Cod. She teaches improvisation and dance studies in academic and community settings and is an assistant editor for Contact Quarterly.

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

October 16, 2017