Photo courtesy of the artist

Katie Cox

Katie Cox is a lifelong singer, mover, learner, and artist. Since moving to Brooklyn in the fall of 2022, they have hungrily pursued a variety of dance forms, including improvisation, street dance, and contemporary dance. Katie is curious to explore the physical embodiment of music through dance, as well as the pairing of vocalization with improvisational movement. They taught elementary school in rural Vermont after graduating from Middlebury College, where they were inspired by dance educators such as Lida Winfield and Christal Brown. Katie's current dream is to work at the intersection of dance, elementary education, and social justice. Katie’s educational philosophy informs her perspective on her relationship with dance, and she is especially interested in centering access and equity as she continues to grow her relationship with movement-based practices. She is honored to be joining the Movement Research community and looks forward to learning from and collaborating with some fabulous artists!

[ID: A selfie-style photo of Katie, a white person with short brown hair, smiling with closed lips. Katie wears a seafoam green corduroy shirt and a turquoise trucker hat with pink and red flowers on it. Behind them is a bright blue sky, and the late-afternoon sun illuminates the left side of their face.]