By Selena Andino

Katherine De La Cruz

Katherine De La Cruz is an Afro-Dominican dancer and choreographer based in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated in 2020 from Hunter College with both a BA in Anthropology and Dance. She has performed in various venues and festivals both live and virtually including City Center’s Fall for Dance festival, The Estrogenius Festival, The American Dance Festival, The WP theater, Movement Research, The Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Arts on Site’s Women in Motion and more. She is currently a member of the Soul Dance Company.

Katherine has used dance to support climate justice and immigrants’ rights causes in New York City. She believes that dance is a powerful tool for community building and bridging divides. Katherine is a passionate choreographer whose work centers around themes of social inequality, LGBTQ+ stories, familial ties, immigration and mental health. Most of her work is born from a need to make direct political statements and to make visible often ignored inner healing processes. Katherine is an avid reader, baker and seamstress. She is currently consumed learning about the ecology of our city and aims to increase her knowledge on the native plants and ecosystems of Lenapehoking.

[Image description: A brown afro Caribbean woman with her hair in mini twists pulled back into a bun. She has large brown eyes with full lips partly opened. She rests her head on her hand looking off dramatically into the distance.]