Photo by Emily Jung

Kari Hoglund

Kari Hoglund is an interdisciplinary artist from Chicago, Illinois, and holds a BFA degree in dance from Slippery Rock University. She shares an equal love for movement improvisation and dance film and is excited to pursue creative projects fusing the two. She attended Sidra Bell’s MODULE in 2018, has visited many Contact Improvisation jams across the USA and the UK, and most recently attended Critical Mass: [email protected] in Oberlin, OH. During her semester abroad at the University of Roehampton in London, Kari was able to immerse herself in the Contact Improvisation community to further develop her skills as a practitioner and facilitator for the Slippery Rock Contact Improvisation jams. These experiences lead her to develop and later present her research on consent culture at several academic conferences. Her most recent project was with COMMON Canvas, an improvisation-based performance featuring Chicago dancers, led and structured by Terence Marling.

[Image Description: Close-up of Kari, a white woman with red hair, wearing a black lace top and smiling with an upward gaze. She is leaning on a concrete wall.]