Photo by Anze Kokalj

Jan Rozman

Jan Rozman (Slovenia, 1991) is a freelance performer, performance maker, dancer, choreographer and improviser based between Ljubljana and Berlin. In his artistic practice he is interested in and engaged with panpsychism, extended bodies, material semiotics, textures, gaps, errors & confusions, ecology, imagination, (science) fiction and humor in a search for relevant performative articulations for the post-internet /anthropocene era. Jan studied contemporary dance at Arts Gymnasium in Ljubljana and choreography at SNDO (AhK) Amsterdam and obtained a master’s degree in solo/dance/authorship at HZT (UdK) Berlin. He has been awarded several times for his work, most recently with a Ksenija Hribar - Promising Young Choreographer Award in March 2019. He is also a recipient of the danceWEB scholarship at Impulstanz 2019.

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

January 13, 2020

GPS Chats: Jan Rozman (Slovenia) and Tanya Tchizhikova (Russia) with Nevenka Koprivsek (Slovenia)

January 09, 2020