Photo: Inta Balode by Ugis Berzinš

Inta Balode

Dance Writer, Curator and Dramaturge
Latvian Dance Information Center (Riga, Latvia)

Inta Balode calls herself as a dance politician. She is a dance writer, curator, dramaturge and editor of Since 2004 Inta has been curating dance projects, including seminars for artists, journalists and managers and mini-festival called “New Dance in a New Place.” Inta holds MA degree in Theory of Culture; she acquired additional training in dance writing and management in the USA and Europe. While working as a dance expert at the State Culture Capital Foundation and jury member at the annual theater prize, she managed to lobby for the status of contemporary dance. Inta is a member of Latvian Dance Council – a consultative group at the Ministry of Culture. The main issue Inta as a dance politician stands for is trying not to stand for anything too stubbornly. As an outcome of caring about geographical, mental and emotional peripheries, in 2017 Inta together with co-thinkers from Latvia, France and Finland established international non-profit organization LAUKKU. Despite LAUKKU mood since summer 2018 Inta runs the Latvian Dance Information Center where sometimes more solid stance is a must.

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GPS Chats: Eva Kronberga and Jānis Putniņš in conversation with Inta Balode (Latvia)

January 08, 2019