Ilona Bito

Ilona Bito is a dance artist and educator living in NYC. She has performed with artists including Kathy Westwater, The Commons Choir/Daria Fain, Adi Eytan, Dawn Kintsle, The A.O.M.C./Sarah Rosner, and Sinecdoche Dance/Belinda He, and is a co-organizer of Occupy Dance. Her solo and group choreography has been presented at Glasshouse, BKSD, Outpost, Open Perform , House Fest, and TAB. She teaches creative movement, improvisation, modern, ballet, and tap to children at Abrons Arts Center, WMAAC, BKSD, and with MR's Dancemakers in the Schools. She has previously taught pre-K - 2nd grade at Pono and Freebrook Academy, completed advanced training in "Original Play", and was a member of IDEA- the Institute for Democratic Education in America. She holds a B.A. and MS. Ed. from Sarah Lawrence College, where she completed her thesis with CPE 1: "Teaching Movement: Bringing Theory into Practice in NYC Schools." Her work investigates improvisation, play, and the creative collaboration between teaching and learning.


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