Greta Hartenstein

Greta Hartenstein is an independent curator, with a primary focus in performance-based work. She is currently working on the 2019 Whitney Biennial, curating three artist within the exhibition: Mariana Valencia, Autumn Knight and nibia pastrana santiago. While working at Whitney Museum from 2011–2019, her major curatorial projects included Sibyl Kempson’s three-year iterative performance, 12 Shouts to the Ten Forgotten Heavens, MPA’s exhibition and durational performance, RED IN VIEW, Abigail DeVille’s immersive installation with live performance and film, Empire State Works in Progress, and Jill Magid’s ongoing conceptual project, Awaiting Alexander Calder, among others. She has worked on exhibitions including Nick Mauss: Transmissions; Calder: Hypermobility,Open Plan: Cecil Taylor, Laura Poitras: Astro Noise, Rituals of Rented Island: Object Theater, Loft Performance, and the New Psychodrama – Manhattan, 1970-1980, and Sarah Michelson: 4. She has guest-curated for Food For Thought at Danspace and an exhibition entitled The Artist as Provocateur: Pioneering Performance at Pratt Institute.