Eva Karczag

Independent dance artist. Since the early 1970s, practices, teaches, and advocates for explorative methods of dance making, she currently performs solo and collaborative work internationally. Danced with the Trisha Brown Dance Company from 1979–85. Her teaching experience spans the range of major colleges, studios and organizations throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia, to private practice and individual mentoring. A certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, she holds an MFA (Dance Research Fellow) from Bennington College, VT. Her work is informed by improvisation and mindful body practices which engender trust in the body's innate capacity for ease, efficiency and integrated openness. These include Anatomical Release Technique, Ideokinesis, Alexander Technique, Taiji/Qigong, and Yoga. The New York post-modern dance movement of the 1960's and 70’s has given her current dance practice a foundation of respect for the moving body, and a passion for creative process and experimentation. Her explorations of online practice and teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic, is stimulating her curiosity and excitement about the interconnectivity and creative possibilities that lie within this format.

[Image Description: Short-haired woman in purple vest and glasses, with very green, overgrown garden behind her. Right hand is touching her head. She’s smiling]


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Past Classes & Events

[Virtual] Honing a Practice – Grasping the Intangible

Jan 9 – Jan 13, 2023

[Virtual] Deepening into the Practice of Masunaga’s Reclining Meridian Stretches

Fri, Apr 8 – Jun 4, 2022

[Virtual] Honing a Practice - Deepening into Masunaga’s Reclining Meridian Stretches

Jan 17 – Jan 21, 2022

[Virtual] flying beyond four walls: dancing in the time of solitude

Jul 19 – Jul 23, 2021

[Virtual] Trisha Brown Dance Company Class

Wed, Mar 24 – Apr 7, 2021

[Virtual] MELT – Touch in the Time of Distancing

Jul 20 – Jul 24, 2020

[Cancelled] Trisha Brown Dance Company Class

March 18, 2020

Trisha Brown Dance Company Class

June 12, 2019

MELT–Weight, Breath and Center

Jul 23 – Jul 27, 2018

Trisha Brown Dance Company Class

June 13, 2018

Joined at the Hips – Exploring the Hip Joints

Jan 9 – Jan 13, 2017