Photo by Germán Ayala Vázquez

Edrimael Delgado Reyes

Edrimael Delgado Reyes, 1995. Queer, Black and Proud. Interdisciplinary artist that explores ways of reconciliation through queer and Afro-Caribbean identities. Has an Urban & Performance Studies Degree from the University of Puerto Rico. After dedicating himself to dance since he was 18, he has danced with different schools, projects and companies; including Ballets de San Juan, ANDANZA and PISO proyecto, being this last one the one that nurtured his political vision of dance. In 2020, he founded LaBoriVogue a collective dedicated to educate, promote and create spaces for the ballroom community in Puerto Rico. At the moment he works for social justice and queer and black liberation through his art, investigations and dance collaborations around the Caribbean and Latin America.