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Dustin Maxwell

Dustin Maxwell is a movement-based visual artist currently living in New York City. He was born queer into a Mormon family of eight in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he took his first ballet class at the age of three. As a teenager he studied modern dance and Barbara Clark's somatic approach with his teacher, Joanne Emmons. In 2005 he relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota where he spent a decade studying dance and performing locally and internationally. His work is sourced from ritual and sensitizing practices and aims to preserve those elements within "finished" works. Otherness, sexuality, spirituality, death and the magic of being are themes central to his art and life. His dances and performance installations have been presented in theaters, galleries, basements, alleyways and countrysides in Minnesota, New York and Germany. His current work in development, small things dying under a clear blue sky, was workshopped in residency at Ponderosa where he presented its first iteration. Since then its been presented in 3 different forms at Herkimer 9 and the Duo Theater in NYC. True to his performance philosophy the work continues to alter its form. He holds a B.A. in Dance from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. He is a 2019 Jerome Hill Artist Fellow and was nominated for a 2015 Sage Award for Outstanding Performer.

Festival Fall 2019 Wellness Clinic Bio:

Dustin Maxwell is a lifelong dancer, 500 hour E-RYT yoga teacher with 9 years of teaching experience, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, and Northern-style Thai Yoga Bodyworker with 300 hours of training and 6 years of experience. He believes in the body's natural capability of healing itself and the tremendous power of loving, kind and skillful touch to encourage that power. Drawing from his own experience in healing, his multi-faceted knowledge of the body, skill and intuition, Dustin uses hands, elbows, knees and feet to gently and precisely loosen the blockages that cause discomfort.

Festival Fall 2019

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December 08, 2019

Fall Festival | Evening at Danspace

December 06, 2019