Photo by Paula Court

devynn emory

devynn emory is a choreographer/dance artist, dual licensed bodyworker, a holder of collaborative spaces gesturing to collective ritual. emory is a medium, educator and registered nurse- practicing in the fields of acute/critical care, hospice, COVID and integrative health in Lenapehoking (NYC). emory's performance company devynnemory/beastproductions finds the intersection of these fields, walking the edges of thresholds- drawing from their multiple in-between states of being. emory holds space for liminal bodies bridging multiple planes of transition while finding reciprocity practice as a constant decolonial practice. they are currently working on a trilogy centering medical mannequins holding the wisdom of end of life experiences and weaving stories from patients and elders, inviting audiences into grief and somatic practice in collaboration with land. part 1: deadbird (film) + can anybody help me hold this body (grief altar + global archive), part 2: Grandmother Cindy (live performance + film) + Cindy Sessons: LOVE, LOSS, LAND (three films), and part 3 in process: boiling-rain. they also run a private practice since 2002 named sage that holds a variety of practices and teachings. they have taught, toured, published and been awarded nationally and collaborate with an incredible list of artists. born on Lenape Land, emory is of mixed settler/European ancestry on their matriarchal side and is a Lenape/Blackfoot descendent on their patrilineal side. for more info please visit their bio and deadbird's project site

[ID: Photo of devynn emory, Joseph Pierce and Cindy (our collective grandmother). Two dancers are carrying the third by the legs and armpits. The dancer being carried wears a dress and a mask. Behind them there are projected images of Quinha Farias sculptures as ancestors.]

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November 29, 2022