Photo by Dally Marcos

Zona Limítrofe

The ZL is configured as a space for thought, realization and cultural exchanges through artistic expressions and practices. Created in 2014 by artists and educators Dally Schwarz and Marcos Aganju, the platform in 2022 also becomes a non-profit Cultural Association based in Lisbon/PT.

Zona Limítrofe (ZL) is the meeting of two activist artists who, since 2014, through this creation platform, rethink being in the contemporary world and its political and artistic implications and responsibilities.

ZL is also a meeting place and a safe space where people who are interested in radical and transdisciplinary languages can express themselves. Not by chance, we always connect with lgbtqia+ artists, immigrants and people who somehow don’t fit into the hegemonic political process.

[Image Description: Black and white photo of artists in a studio. The dancer is caught in mid air. Their back is turned tot he camera and they wear knee pads. The Musician sits playing a small drum set. They wear a dark top and have their hair in locs.]

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