by Hayim Heron

Courtney J. Cook

Courtney J. Cook is a Virginia Native now residing in Brooklyn, NY. She began her formal movement training at family reunions and her home church. She later shifted to training in european centered dance forms at Virginia Governor’s School for the Arts while continuing studies of marginalized dance forms at local night clubs. She also attended and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, receiving her B.F.A in Dance and Choreography. She is now a company member and BOLD facilitator with the iconic Urban Bush Women. She is also involved in creative projects and works by other innovative women choreographers of color such as Maria Bauman (MBDance) and Marguerite Hemmings (We Free). She continues learning, living, and developing her own creative voice through various forms of movement, sound, and visual arts. She is here, in the NOW, and she is beyond grateful.

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

November 13, 2017