Hollow Organ: Cory Nakasue, David Sierra, Elisabeth Motley, and x

Cory Nakasue (she/her) is a movement artist/educator/therapist: www.corynakasue.com. She’s also a consulting astrologer and hosts the weekly radio show The Cosmic Dispatch: www.astrologybycory.com. Her poetry chapbook about dramaturgy, the cosmos, and the body comes out this winter 2023.

David Sierra (she/her) David Lee Sierra is an artist and writer. She creates text, dance, video, sound, images, installation, and public programming. Her artistic practices are concerned with embodied experiences of movement and sound in procedural settings, horror, and medical technology. Sierra is the Digital Media Editor for Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory.

Elisabeth Motley (she/her) is a neurodivergent and mad, disabled choreographer, scholar, and teacher. Motley was a 2019-2021 MR Artist in Residence, recipient of the 2018-2019 Fulbright US-UK Scholar Award, and a 2021/22 NYSCA choreography commission grant. She is working towards a practice-as-research Ph.D. in choreography and disability at University of Roehampton, UK. Motley collaborates with Kayla Hamilton on Crip Movement Lab.

x (they/ze/fae) is a TRANSdisciplinary artist working in installation, video, painting, and anti-modern dance. They are currently in the Creatives Rebuild New York Artist Employment Program through a partnership with Hyp-ACCESS where they have plans for new programming and performance showcases. They have shown work at HERE Arts Center, Dixon Place, Judson Church, and Gibney.

[ID: A composite collage. 4 vertically oriented, thinly cropped headshot images of Elisabeth Motley, x, Cory Nakasue, and David Lee Sierra align in consecutive succession along 5 rows, the top and the bottom rows bleeding off the image's borders, unseen, the sequence unfinished. Each artist is in moody, dramatic, or otherwise dynamic poses and energies, all characterized by tones of brown, cream, deep reds, washed-yet-dark blue-greens, and the play between light and dark in excessive multiplicity.]

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