Photo By Jules Feeney.

Coralys Carter

Currently based in Brooklyn, Coralys Carter weaves sculptural skins to be worn (and shed) exploring the concept of bodies rooted in spaces and places rooted in bodies. Their work is a personal inquiry into their ancestral convergences and confabulatory process using heritage craft as time travel to re/member self in past and present, while ensuring futurity for me/we. Coralys's creative practice is a stewardship of the Taborn archive, their paternal lineage of tricksters and shapeshifters passing through. Layering processes to create vessels for introspection, reflection, and transformation--Coralys is interested in embodiment, shapeshifting, and communal networks.

[Image Description: Black and white image showing coralys's face turned upward but gazing directly at camera. Coralys's face is covered partially by their right arm.]