Celine Bassman

Celine Bassman is a dancer, writer, choreographer, and filmmaker based in New York. A classically trained ballet dancer, Celine has attended programs at Dutch National Ballet School, Russian Masters Ballet, and Kansas City Ballet School. She is currently a sophomore at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, where she is studying the intersections between feminism, movement, and storytelling. Celine finds inspiration for her choreography and writing from the rejection of colonial and patriarchal ways of knowing, and uses performance as a mode of exploring spaces that exist beyond the boundaries of traditional epistemology.

[Image Description: Celine jumping into a double attitude, her legs bent, her feet pointed, and her hands on her hips as rock salts fly in every which direction. She is wearing a purple halter leotard, and her auburn ponytail is flung above her head.]