Carolyn Hall

Carolyn Hall is a freelance dancer originally from Los Angeles. She has performed with numerous choreographers/directors and was awarded a "Bessie" for performance in 2002. She has been a company member of the "Bessie" Award winning Then She Fell with Third Rail Projects for over three years and is currently working with Lionel Popkin, Rebecca Davis, Clarinda Mac Low, and Shannon Hummel/CORA Dance. She has also performed in the works of Sally Silvers, Carrie Ahern, Heather Kravas, Jordan Fuchs, Amanda Loulaki, Allyson Green, Ori Flomin, Jimena Paz, Abigail Levine, Sarah Maxfield, Ralf Jaroschinski, Sam Kim, Nina Winthrop, Karl Anderson, and Helena Franzen. Additionally, Carolyn is a marine ecologist working as a research assistant with author Paul Greenberg and is an instructor with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. To combine her two interests, she is a board member of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Arts, Nature and Dance (iLAND).