Brighid Greene

Brighid Greene is a film, theater, and dance artist. She produced Yara Travieso’s La Medea, an immersive musical and feature film that re-imagines Euripides’ myth into a Latin-disco-pop-feminist variety show; and CROWDS by Sarah Friedland, a dance film installation that meditates on the slippage between crowd typologies. She spends a handful of months in Wilmington, NC working for the Cucalorus Festival, teaches Super 8 with Mono No Aware, and was a longtime performer in Then She Fell by Third Rail Projects. She choreographed for Josephine Decker’s Madeline’s Madeline, which premiered at Sundance. Her own work, recently included in the Tiger Strikes Asteroid baseball show, reflects the curvatures of reality and their intersection with our inner worlds. Brighid lives in Brooklyn, and is from California.