Beth Graczyk

Beth Graczyk is a Brooklyn-based choreographer, performer and a scientist. Graczyk concocts sensation-based worlds built by observing and amplifying the hidden, the unseen, and the ignored, in an attempt to bring into focus peripheral stories, spaces and ideas. She enmeshes herself and the audience as, simultaneously, active participants and outside observers, through the interplay between the imagination, the human body, and inanimate objects. Graczyk has performed throughout the US and internationally in Japan, Ecuador, France and India for the past 17 years. Concurrently, she has contributed to 10 science publications in the field of cancer research as a biochemist. In 2017, her solo work was selected to be a part of the Gibney’s Work Up Series and the La MaMa Moves Festival.

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

January 08, 2018