Photo: Atanas Maev by Derida Dance Center

Atanas Maev

Vice Chairman of Art Link Foundation, CEO of Derida Dance Center

Derida Dance Center and Art Link Foundation (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Atanas Maev has studied Economics in Karlsruhe Technical University and Plovdiv University and, since 2002, actively works in the field of cultural management. Thanks to his commitment and efforts, Art Link Foundation and Derida Dance Center have been recognized as a reliable and resourceful partner by Bulgarian cultural institutions, sponsoring organizations and international cultural operators and platforms for contemporary preforming arts. As a result, Derida Dance Center, represented by Art Link Foundation has participated in numerous international projects and co-productions and has additionally supported many independent dance and theater productions of Bulgarian and foreign artists. Atanas teaches arts management in the New Bulgarian University and leads coaching and internship programs. As of 2016 he is a member of the board of directors of the European platform for contemporary dance “Aerowaves – Dance Across Europe”.