​Arely Landeros

Arely Landeros (Mexico) is dedicated to performatic art and research in psycho-corporal therapy. She has studied psychology and has experience in social research and community interventions. She has coordinated Invisible Market within Laboratorio Condensacion, a meeting designed for the creation and interdisciplinary experimentation within the field of art and its social contexts. She has also participated in projects at the Institute for Research and Cultural Studies Museum (UABC), "Running into political equator” at PRISMA FORUM, Summer Scientific Research of the Pacific (UDG), KinoKabaret Cinema Lab Mexico City, "Foco al Aire” (dirs. Marcela Sánchez Mota and Octavio Zeivy), "Máquina de Teatro” (dir. Juliana Fraesler), and “Escandalizer” (dir. Martin Lanz).

Past Classes & Events

[Virtual] Festival | GPS Chats: International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (Mexico, North Macedonia, USA)

January 30, 2021