courtesy of the artist

Anna Adams Stark

Anna Adams Stark is a performer, dance-maker, arts administrator and stage manager. Anna has performed in work by Levi Gonzalez, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Kendra Portier/BANDportier, Megan V. Sprenger/MVworks, Alexandra Beller, Laura Peterson Choreography, among others. Currently, Anna dances with Kim Brandt, Tara Aisha Willis and the A.O. Movement Collective. Anna’s own work has been shown at THROW, AUNTS, Dance New Amsterdam, the Tank, Triskelion Arts, and the University of Iowa. Anna works as the company manager for Nadia Tykulsker Projects, and has stage-managed for Alexandra Beller/Dances, Laura Peterson Choreography, Harlem Stage, AUNTS, Gina Gibney Dance, Janessa Clark/KILTERBOX, Stone Depot Dance Lab, among others. She received her BFA in Dance from the University of Iowa.