Andrea Spaziani

Andrea Spaziani has been making dances in Toronto, Canada, for the past eleven years. She challenges the work of perception and confronts the ego. She generates choreographic scores while moving and talking at the same time in a stream of improvised poetry. Her words and movement collapse into each other and assert a new kind of attention.

Andrea has shown work in Toronto, Montreal, New York, and Berlin, and has collaborated with artists across disciplines. She has attended workshops and residencies internationally, most recently at HEIMA in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland. She produced SPACEBODIES II for the Transart Triennale in August 2016 as an experiment in choreography as curation.

Her published texts include Nostalgia for the Hadron Collider (2012), (2014), Exiting, Re-Existing (2015), and Unbecoming Ego (2016).

She is the 2016-2019 Artist in Residence at the Dancemakers Centre for Creation (Toronto).

She earned a BFA at Ryerson University and an MFA at Plymouth University/The Transart Institute.

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

April 17, 2017