Ana Paula Camargo with Fermín Martinez

Ana Paula Camargo and Fermín Martínez (México), consider themselves transdisciplinary artists. They have studied and worked across disciplines. Ana Paula has developed her work  mainly in choreography, dance, action art, video and textual production. Fermín has worked with sound art, video, action art and dance, among others. Both of them have worked within the frame of contemporary art, focusing on the notion of process. They create through researching with their own dynamic methodologies, considering art as a field of knowledge. They are engaged with the relationship between life and art, and how art can change the way we experience the world. They also feel attracted to anarchism, and ideology of political activism and philosophy of hackers. Their practice follows the statement by Joseph Beuys: ‘Art is the science of freedom’.

Past Classes & Events

Movement Research at the Judson Church

January 23, 2017